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L Train to Halsey St.

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If And Only If Productions, Inc. is Queens' Premiere Multimedia Production Company, specializing in professional Audio Production. Our services include Cross-Genre Music Production, Sound Design and VO for Film, Music Composition or Arrangement Services, and Audiobook Production. Photography, Videography, and Web/Graphic Design are also available upon special request through Knuckle Down Records.


IAOI was founded by Brandon Bujnowski in 2012. Brandon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology from New York University.  Productions from If And Only If can be seen and heard around the world in the form of Music, Web Series, and Audiobooks.  In addition to his clients' projects with If And Only If, Brandon himself is an Audiobook Narrator for the Library of Congress National Library Service,, Macmillan, and other commercial Audiobook outlets.

Brandon @!                         Brandon @ Bee Audio!


He is also a member of NYC-based punk rock band, Bedpan Fight (Guitar, Vocals, Production).

Darcy McDonald has created an authentic, unique & recognizable voice as a producer, recording artist & engineer in New York City’s bubbling Hip-Hop scene. Darcy also facilitates a number of bustling underground events. Dust3y & friends are currently focusing on creating an organic and positive community presence.


Brandon Bujnowski, President

Darcy McDonald,
Staff Audio Engineer

  • IMDb – Brandon Bujnowski
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  • MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz i5, 8 GB RAM
  • Pro Tools 10.3.9
  • Waves Diamond Plug-Ins Bundle
  • Reason 4.0
  • UAD Apollo Quad Thunderbolt Interface
  • Avalon VT-737sp
  • Rupert Neve Portico 511 (x2)
  • Heritage Audio '73 Junior
  • Warm Audio Tone Beast
  • Presonus Firepod
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer
  • Neumann TLM 103 (x1)
  • AKG D112 (x1)
  • Audix i5 (x1)
  • Shure PGA Drum Mic Kit (x7)
  • Heil PR-20 (x1)
  • Rode NT1-A (x1)
  • Oktava MK-012 (x2)
  • SM 58 (x2)
  • Mackie MR5 Mk3 Studio Monitors

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones

  • Marshall DSL40C Tube Amp
  • Peavey 6505 + Tube Amp

  • Fender Telecaster

  • Fender P-Bass
  • Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage 6-piece drum kit (8", 10", 12", 14")
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