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Full Voiceover Production for Film / Audiobook Production Services for multiple National & International Clients

If And Only If Productions offers full service Audiobook and Voiceover Production for Macmillan Publishing,, The Library of Congress, Tantor Audio, and Gildan Media

(Recording, Proofing, Mastering)

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Narrated by Brandon Bujnowski

Brandon Bujnowski is an Audiobook Narrator for the Library of Congress,, Gildan Media, and Bee Audio. He has also worked with a wide variety of voice actors both inside his studio and out. Start narrating today!

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped at the Library of Congress: Books Narrated by Brandon Bujnowski

Library of Congress

  • DB 82207 In the Penny Arcade

  • DB 82403 Seeing Red

  • DB 82565 Ant-Man: Natural Enemy

  • DB 82858 The Killing Lessons

  • DB 82859 Sonic Wind

  • DB 83592 Quicksand

  • DB 83822 Mystery of the Shemitah

  • DB 84061, DB 84221, DB 84670 The Saga of Seven Suns [7-book series]

  • DB 84824 The Fireman

  • Accelerate This!

  • Unusually Excellent

  • Touch the Sky

  • PTSD Guidebook​

  • DB 85179 The Saga of Shadows [Books 1-3]

  • DB 85936 The Fire This Time

  • DB 86486 Entrepreneurship 

  • Late Antiquity 

  • DB 86943 Saga of Shadows Book 3

  • DB 87134 Darktown

  • DB 87655 The New Odyssey: 21st Century Refugees

  • Haunted Mystery Series [Books 1-2]

  • The Viscount and the Vixen

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